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My name is Anders Braathen and I have a master degree in Finance from the University of Agder in Norway.  I review gold, financial & precious metal investments. I am affiliated with goldsilver.com. This review site is mainly for educational purposes and are not financial advice. I review gold and precious metals and want to share knowledge and information about the financial system. While studying economics I discovered how gold used to play a crucial role in the financial system, and how after 1971 the entire global monetary system is completely based on mutual trust in the FIAT system which throughout history has always failed. This started me on the journey to learn as much as possible about the financial system and to expose the truth!

“Gold is money. Everything else is credit.” – J. P. Morgan

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History & Expertise

Business School & Work:


2018 – 2019 Accountant


2012 – 2014, University of Agder (Master in Finance)

2009 – 2012, High School of Lillehammer (Bachelor in Economics & Adm.)